Te Kōmiti

Below are the contact details for the Marae administrators, if you have and questions or queries feel free to contact any of the listed individuals.

Please note that the committee is always looking for new members. Our marae hui are still on the first Sunday of each month and we invite all whānau to attend to find out first hand whats going on back at home.

Marae Committee:

Position Name Email
Chariman: Poto Davies Contact Poto
Vice Chariman: Taiapa Kara Contact Taiapa
Secretary: Hinerangi Kara Contact Hinerangi
Vice Secretary & TWoW Rep: Sara Tairi Contact Sara
Treasurer: Aroha Kara Contact Aroha
Vice Treasurer: Tinopai Marshall Contact Tinopai
Committee Member: Bella Kara Contact Bella
Committee Member: Carlson Wirihana Contact Carlson
Committee Member: Chelsea Tairi Contact Chelsea
Committee Member: Harry Wilson Contact Harry
Committee Member: Hillary Raiwiri Contact Hillary
Committee Member: Jake Tairi Contact Jake
Committee Member: Johnson Raumati Contact Johnson
Committee Member & TWoW Rep: Karena Tamaki Contact Karena
Committee Member: Kiriwhero Tamaki Contact Kiriwhero
Committee Member: Rangi Arahina Daniels Contact Rangi Arahina

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