Tainui Games

Kia Ora whanau, just putting it out there at the moment so that you can all start getting fit, fast and fabulous… that the confirmed dates for the next Tainui Games will be happening on the weekend of the 18th February 2011. Please keep these dates available! If you want to be involved please get in contact with Taiapa and Aroha.

3 Responses to Tainui Games

  • Matthew Rau says:

    Kia Ora At the moment i live in Wellington however i am moving to Hailton to complete my studies would 2be awesome to support the whanau at the games even if it is just on the sideline.

  • Matthew Rau says:

    Mo taku he, travel plans changed last minute not moving to Kirikiriroa till end of this week was guttered i missed out. But will deffinately be there next year.

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